NewsApril 20, 2021

Rinbudhoo, the Jewelers’ Island

By Guest Writer: Hudha Faheem

Located in the center of our island nation scattered across the Indian Ocean, Rinbudhoo is the epitome of what Maldives is seen as to the outside world; a paradise on earth. Albeit its tiny size, it has indeed got all the special features that provide its visitors the feel of being in paradise. Popular as the Jeweler’s Island, it is the natural beauty of the island coupled with the culture of its people that makes Rinbudhoo one of a kind.


Surrounded by crystal clear water and a deep blue ocean cloaking a colorful underwater paradise for the curious souls, the island of Rinbudhoo is dense with greenery and unexploited clean beaches. The calmness and the harmony of the island instantly puts you at peace. You wake up and with a cup of coffee in hand, wander around the island surrounded by architecture with handmade designs and finally sit at the beach under the shade of a palm tree, listening to the music of the waves and nature as you slip away deep into wonderment.

Since the ancient days, the people of Rinbudhoo has learned to survive on their own depending on the resources provided by nature. It has helped make excellent teachers, fishermen, carpenters, herbal doctors, boat builders and toddy collectors. However, the most noteworthy are the people whom the island is most famous for; the jewelers. For generations the people of Rinbudhoo have mastered the art of jewelry making, using materials such as gold and silver in addition to wood, oyster shells, pearls and black corals. Till this day, handcrafted golden “fattaru-bae” (traditional Maldivian necklace) and “ulha” (traditional bracelet) are passed down from generation to generation as family heirlooms.

Glancing at the tradition and culture of the island, Eids are celebrated colorfully with unity and joy from all islanders. Right after the Eid prayer, ‘eid odi’ is held, which is a unique concept of the island where the children showcase mini vessels decorated with flags across the streets. The celebrations last for couple of days and includes Eid meals and “boduberu” and “maali neshun” (Maldivian cultural music and dancing) with “fenkulhi” and other Eid sports. The people of Rinbudhoo have their own cuisine, of which their own “havaadhu” (curry spice blend) and the sweets “huni hakuru” and “bondibaiy” made from locally available breadfruit and coconut are noteworthy.

In the year 2020, the island opened a ‘cultural highway’, a street full of art representing everything that Rinbudhoo stands for. This highway is a must see and the colorful paintings each showcase the culture, folklore, tradition and the beauty of the island. Words surely do not do justice to the memorable experience the beautiful island has to offer. She is known to steal a piece of the heart of every visitor.

About the writer: Hudha Faheem (ig: @huda_heefam) – Hudha is a content creator passionate about collecting and sharing island stories. Through her writings she hopes to take her audience on a journey filled with appreciation for island lifestyle.

Photo Credits: Haathim (ig: @haathie)

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