NewsFebruary 17, 2020

Riyaa: Bringing Travel Solutions in the Heart of Europe

Travel and Tourism industry is constantly evolving and changing. Today not only the product and services, but the clients and partners dynamics are largely being influenced by the socio-economical changes. The emergence of online booking engines and social media accessibility to millions of travelers has drastically changed how we interact between key players that governed the tourism and travel industry.

Despite continuous transformation, the cohesiveness and stronger relationship between the clients, property managers and travel partners have never been as important as today. Ever increasing competitiveness and challenges in the tourism sector only echoes the importance of strengthening the bonds between key players. That is the key to retain competitive advantage over the rivals.


For this reason, Riyaa brings travel solutions in the heart of Europe.

Riyaa is a bridge between the hotel/resort and its agents. Its based and operated from Bern, Switzerland. Riyaa represents ideas, products, concerns and commitments to the partners’ door – one to one, finding comprehensive solution that is consistent and effective in the heart of Europe. They represent concerns and find comprehensive solutions together with its partners to increase sales meeting and sales goals. It aims to consolidate and enhance sales and add value to products.

Riyaa provides the insight of the European travel and tourism industry, key players, market growth and emerging suppliers so that hoteliers can extend their business network in the European market. Founded by a Maldivian with decade of tourism and travel experience in the Maldives, in Europe and other regions in the world. Hence, a unique set of skills and know-how of the Maldives tourism product and European travel industry.

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