NewsJuly 5, 2021

Intimate Dining at Innahura Maldives

There’s nothing more decadent than a table on the beach, your toes in the sand and the sound of the waves gently lapping the shore – all in the company of your loved one.

During your stay at Innahura Maldives you will have the opportunity to sprinkle your holiday with many magical moments and private dining occasions are bound to be highlights. It may be that you’re going to be celebrating a birthday or special anniversary while here at our resort, or perhaps simply being here is enough of a reason to celebrate! The Innahura App offers you the convenience of being able to plan ahead, once you have a confirmed reservation you can book your private dining ahead of arrival. Our only tip is to ensure you plan it early enough during your stay to enable a repeat experience.


Loabi Island Private Dinner

Your senses will be delighted with this incredible private dining experience on your very own deserted island. Experience a sophisticated 5-Course dinner including a bottle of Champagne exclusively prepared by our Chef for you and your loved one. Delicious, fresh and ever so irresistible…

Loabi Island Sparkling Sunset

Enjoy a memorable experience with your loved one, sipping on the bubbles from a bottle of sparkling wine and sampling small appetisers while watching your own private sunset from your very own private island!

Candlelight Dinner

One of Innahura’s most romantic dining experiences, our candlelight dinner on the beach is a must-do sensory delight, ideal for an under-the-stars celebration of anything you choose. A 3-course menu awaits, with the gentle waves lapping at the shore, and the star-studded sky above.

It might seem like a difficult decision to make but whichever private dining option you choose will be incredible – and there’s always the option of trying them all! These special dining occasions plus other holiday experiences can also be purchased as gifts as a surprise for the special someone in your life.

To reserve your romantic dinner at Innahura Maldives, visit