NewsAugust 16, 2020

Set-Sail in Maldives Aboard a Voyages Maldives Safari

Set-sail and explore Maldives, the numerous islands and reefs that are set in this vibrant crystal blue Indian Ocean, in total comfort aboard a safari from Voyages Maldives.

Established in 1980, Voyages Maldives has expanded over the years to cover a number of key tourist services in one of the most beautiful holiday destinations in the world. With the biggest fleet of safaris in the country, Voyages Maldives works round the clock to make sure the company operations run as smoothly as their distinctively unique vessels.



Gurahali, the largest safari in the fleet was built in 2008 and can accommodate up to 14 people. Distinctly recognizable as a Voyages craft by its twin masts, the modern, minimalist safari is the epitome of elegance and comfort.


For guests looking for a bit more privacy and space, Kethi is a great choice. Equipped with a soundproof, heavy-duty engine, cruising onboard Kethi will feel like you are gliding on the high seas. A cosy salon and spacious sundecks compliment comfortable accommodation for 10 guests.


For families and large groups looking to enjoy the seas for a few days, Gahaa is the perfect option. Five comfortable cabins, a spacious dining area and a well-stocked bar make her one of our most popular safaris, with repeat clients coming back to the comfort and familiarity of Gahaa every season.


Solidly built Koimala is one of the most comfortable vessels in the Voyages fleet. Built in 1994, the elegant craft is also one of the most popular safaris. Equipped with a soundproof engine, a cosy lounge, an ample library and six luxurious AC cabins – the cosy timber finish inside the safari makes it one of the most comfortable vessels sailing the Maldivian seas.


Built in 1990 and able to accommodate up to 10 guests, Gulfaam is a slightly larger vessel ideally designed for large groups of divers who wish to explore the best dive spots. Explore the majestic underwater beauty of the Maldives with the crew at a leisurely pace, discovering something breathtakingly beautiful and new everyday.

Sea Farer 

Refurbished in 2018, Sea Farer is the earliest built vessel in the fleet that is still in operation. The sturdy craft has been sailing the Maldivian seas for decades, delivering unparalleled service and providing unforgettable memories to all her guests. Night fishing, snorkelling and island hopping are some of the services offered onboard Sea Farer.

Sea Coral

One of the first safaris, Sea Coral is also the smallest vessel. Designed for small groups of surfers and divers, Sea Coral’s size makes it easier for the vessel to safely get closer to the best reefs and surf breaks in the Maldives.


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