NewsMarch 26, 2020

Shutdown of Tourism Industry: A Step Back to Rejuvenate Environment?

President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih has announced a temporary suspension of on arrival visa for tourists. With this decision, the tourism industry has come to a halt. This halt could be the right time for us to rejuvenate our environment.


Everyday, our coral reefs are exposed to sunscreens and many other chemicals and oils. The damage this could do to the environment could be small in the short-term, however, the long-term effects of this could affect the sustainability of the reefs.

Simultaneously, the travel restrictions imposed are expected to reduce air pollution and will save the sea from getting polluted by oil and gas.

As the Maldives is very much dependent on the environment, we can take this time to rejuvenate our environment. This would be a good opportunity for our marine life to regrow and our islands to become greener.

This would not only increase the sustainability of marine life but also will help the economy, as when the suspension on visa lifts tourists can enjoy a much healthier and greener environment.

Even though this suspension is expected to cause losses to the industry and economy, it will give a very much needed break to our environment.