NewsDecember 3, 2019

South Palm Resort welcomes its first guests

South Palm Resort Maldives has opened its shores welcoming its first guests on 01st December 2019.

The resort’s first arriving guests were a couple on their honeymoon. The resort released a statement with a picture of the couple saying, “Meet our first arriving guests. This lovely couple is on their honeymoon, and we have the pleasure of serving them on their first journey together. We hope to welcome you again, for many more years to come.”


The island of Ismehela Hera, where South Palm Resort Maldives is set, is on the eastern edge of the heart-shaped Addu atoll. A natural island with its own small lake, stunning ocean view, a beautiful beach, crystal clear lagoon, and lush tropical vegetation.

The resort is a 10-minute boat ride away from Gan International Airport. The island of Gan is most commonly known as RAF Gan, the former base of the United Kingdom’s Royal Air Force after the world war. The island was handed back to the Maldivian Government on 1st April 1976, and since has been used as the main airport in the south of Maldives.

South Palm Resort Maldives has a total of  130 rooms in five categories: Sunrise villas, Palms villas, Beach Villas, Family Villas, and Over-water villas. A magical spa, set around the island’s natural lake, boasts the world’s first floating spa rooms, accessible only by traditional Maldivian boat.