NewsOctober 27, 2021

Sun Island Resort & Spa Celebrates World Sustainability Day

Sun Island Resort & Spa, awarded Luxury Eco Resort in the 2021 World Luxury Travel Awards, is set on one of the largest Maldives islands measuring 1.6KM long, located in the Southern tip of South Ari Atoll near the South Ari Marine Protected Area (SAMPA). A magical resort offering guests an abundance of freedom and unprecedented privacy to reconnect with nature surrounded by the azure waters of the Indian Ocean.

October marks an important month when it comes to Sustainability and protecting the planet for the future. Climate Action Day on the 24th of October and Sustainability Day on the 27th of October remind us about the importance of taking care of the planet. However, these days are not simply one day to make a change but rather the encouragement to progress in continuing to strive towards a sustainable future. Villa Hotels & Resorts prioritize environmental sustainability and caring for the natural environment. In a commitment to environmental sustainability, Villa Hotels & Resorts has created the movement along with a social media hashtag #MYPLANETVILLA to help in raising awareness on the brands’ sustainable initiatives across the Maldives collection of resorts.


Sun Island Resort & Spa takes every opportunity to execute innovative energy saving and waste management techniques throughout the resort, inviting guests to help and be part of a sustainable future by adopting energy and water saving strategies by only washing their towels and linen when needed and reusing and recycling as much as possible. Supporting the resort in maintaining the lush natural environment while being more environmentally conscious, allows guests to immerse themselves in an unforgettable adventure that brings them closer to nature and inspires a deeper connection during their vacation at the resort. Sun Island Resort & Spa is a tranquil setting where natural beauty meets vibrant interior design awash with unique features and luxurious indoor-outdoor living spaces. The resort boasts 462 private villas offering harmonious views of pearl-white sand and the turquoise lagoon. A stunning island getaway inviting guests to immerse themselves in signature Indian Ocean experiences, authentic hospitality, and even the opportunity to support the resort in preserving the fragile environment and unique biodiversity.

Sun Island Resort & Spa is home to a lush tropical environment with extensive botanical gardens which produce more than 20000 coconuts per month as well as a wide variety of tropical fruits, vegetables, and herbs which are picked and served in the resort’s restaurants. Villa Hotels & Resorts aim to operate sustainable resort initiatives and promote green living across all areas of the island. Extensive lush vegetation and a rich environment of fertile areas are ideal for cultivating a variety of fruits and vegetables. One of the latest sustainability initiatives Villa Hotels & Resorts has introduced at Sun Island Resort is the concept of growing your own fruits and vegetables on land provided to resort team members to grow fresh produce they can nurture and cultivate with the aim to sell back to the resort. This idea presents a host of positive benefits both for the resort and its colleagues. The chance to be self-sufficient and while providing for the community gives a wealth of experience and opportunity for resort colleagues. In addition to the rich and fertile environment, the island provides a sanctuary for various migratory birds that take shelter within the dense tropical vegetation. Guests can enjoy the sweet sounds of the tropical birds while rejuvenating and being at one with nature.

As modern and innovative eco-resorts, Villa Hotels & Resorts are proud of their nature-friendly initiatives and various conservation programs. Part of the award-winning Maldives collection, Sun Island Resort & Spa is a testament to the company’s pledge to minimizing their environmental footprint by implementing sustainable initiatives and action plans to reduce the use of energy and water and avoid the use of plastic on the island. As part of the forward-thinking initiatives, the resort produces drinkable water served in glass bottles throughout the resort, utilizing organic pesticides in the gardens and donating all plastic from the island for recycling in a partnership with Parley for the Oceans – an organization addressing major threats towards our oceans and fighting for environmental protection through recycling initiatives and global projects.