NewsMarch 20, 2022

Sun Island Resort & Spa Wins International Environmental Award

Sun Island Resort & Spa has won the prestigious international environmental award, Green Key award. The Green Key is an international eco-label awarded to businesses that fulfill a list of environmental and social requirements. Winning Green Key demonstrates the business’s efforts to develop an environmentally friendly, sustainable and responsible business.

Speaking on the achievement, the General Manager of Sun Island Resort & Spa, on his LinkedIn said”  Let me take this opportunity to show my gratitude and appreciations to Dr. Mahmood Shaugee, Aboobakur Qasim, Abdul Rasheed, Ahmed Saeed, all the HODs and the rest of the team members who have tirelessly worked hard to achieve this milestone. Thank you all.”


Sun Island Resort & Spa is home to a lush tropical environment with extensive botanical gardens which produce more than 20000 coconuts per month as well as a wide variety of tropical fruits, vegetables, and herbs which are picked and served in the resort’s restaurants. Villa Hotels & Resorts aim to operate sustainable resort initiatives and promote green living across all areas of the island. Extensive lush vegetation and a rich environment of fertile areas are ideal for cultivating a variety of fruits and vegetables. One of the latest sustainability initiatives Villa Hotels & Resorts has introduced at Sun Island Resort is the concept of growing your own fruits and vegetables on land provided to resort team members to grow fresh produce they can nurture and cultivate with the aim to sell back to the resort. This idea presents a host of positive benefits both for the resort and its colleagues. The chance to be self-sufficient and while providing for the community gives a wealth of experience and opportunity for resort colleagues. In addition to the rich and fertile environment, the island provides a sanctuary for various migratory birds that take shelter within the dense tropical vegetation. Guests can enjoy the sweet sounds of the tropical birds while rejuvenating and being at one with nature.