NewsJune 2, 2022

Sun Siyam Resorts Take to the Skies

Sun Siyam Resorts has finally officially unveiled their first Sun Siyam-branded, private seaplane.

Their new luxury aircraft boasts a bespoke exterior which combines visual elements ubiquitous to Maldivian culture, such as patterns found on the traditionally-worn Libaas, stylized descriptions of the ‘Fattaru bai’ (gold medallions traditionally worn with the libaas), as well as the meticulously hand-carved patterns found in Liyelaa jehun – lacquered, handwrought containers or bowls originally crafted to be presented to the sultan, other royalty, or guests of honor.


Affectionately dubbed Kamana, meaning lady in Maldivian language, the design and idea was created and brought to life by local talents that work in the company. With Sun Siyam being a 100% Maldivian company, the team wanted to bring this concept to life, showcasing the traditional and beautiful Maldivian art to a visually compelling platform, such as a branded seaplane. Kamana will transfer passengers travelling from Velana International Airport to Sun Siyam Iru Fushi, as well as providing transfer services to their most recently opened property, Siyam World, where never-before-seen experiences abound.

Between Kamana, and their world-class lounge, Sun Siyam Resorts has elevated their already seamless guest transfer experience to even greater heights, providing a level of exclusive services that only industry-leading giants can offer.