NewsJune 14, 2021

Sun Siyam Vilu Reef Celebrates World Environment Day and Ocean Day

Sun Siyam Vilu Reef  celebrated World Environment Day and Ocean Day with meaningful activities by focusing on the island environment and wellness.

Guests and staff gathered together to plant trees sourced from a nearby farming island, in four areas of the resort’s island home to mark the globally observed Environment Day.


Located in South Nilandhe Atoll, Sun Siyam Vilu Reef is just one of the five-star resort of the multi-award-winning hospitality group Sun Siyam Resorts.Meanwhile, celebrations for World Ocean Day kicked off with staff informing guests about the importance of restoring marine ecosystems, especially for countries like Maldives, which bear coral reefs as their natural protection.

Guests were excited for coral planting and began with a dip in the water to collect dead corals— which were then, stringed on to a tall frame. Once the structures were ready to be submerged, guests dived to plant them at the resort’s house reef.

At Sun Siyam Vilu Reef, however, environmental efforts are not just for celebrations but part of an everyday effort to conserve their island home and facilitate a better world. This is evident as you snorkel spotting some of the best coral reefs in Maldives and also a thriving coral garden resulting from coral planting efforts throughout the past five years.

Sun Siyam group is a privately-owned company, established in 1990 primarily in tourism and hospitality with a selection of exclusive resorts within its portfolio including four-star deluxe and five-star properties in the Maldives and one boutique resort in Sri Lanka. Sun Siyam is the visionary creation of Ahmed Siyam Mohamed, the renowned Maldivian entrepreneur and is one of the most forward-thinking and dynamic companies in the Maldives. Sun Siyam Resorts is committed to building a collection of hotels and resorts infused with his uniquely passionate and colourful spirit. Sun Siyam Vilu Reef marked the beginning of the Sun Siyam Resorts’ story, which went on to include Sun Siyam Olhuveli, Sun Siyam Iru Fushi, Sun Siyam Pasikudah and Sun Siyam Iru Veli. Siyam World, the newest addition and a stand-alone brand in its collection is due to open in October 2021 and will be a game changer with extraordinary experiences filled resort in the Maldives.