NewsMay 12, 2024

Sun, Spa, and Seriously Cool Vibes: Discover The Standard, Maldives

Maldives, that archipelago of dreamscapes, has long been a byword for luxury and sun-soaked tranquillity. But a new generation of resorts is adding a deeper dimension to the classic Maldivian holiday. Leading the charge is The Standard, Maldives, where playful design and a strong wellness focus create an experience that’s equal parts rejuvenating and irresistibly cool.

Eschewing the buttoned-up formality of some luxury Maldivian resorts, The Standard embraces the island’s natural beauty with a playful twist. Villas, with their private plunge pools, boast a chic design that manages to feel both unpretentious and Instagram-ready. Guests can opt for sunrise-facing beachfront havens or the thrill of an overwater retreat stilted above the gentle lapping of waves.


While the setting is unquestionably spectacular, it’s the focus on wellness that sets The Standard apart. At the heart of their offerings lies The Standard Spa, a sanctuary for those in search of rejuvenation and, let’s be honest, a little self-indulgence. Here, the traditional hammam gets a playful update, encouraging couples and groups of friends to unwind with a selection of therapeutic muds and scrubs.

But it’s not all about ancient bathing rituals. The Standard has a knack for tapping into the most current wellness trends. Sound healing sessions, guided meditations under the vast Maldivian sky, and talks by visiting wellness “stars” keep things fresh. Of course, yoga lovers are well-catered for too, with vinyasa classes and the occasional aerial yoga session hosted in airy spaces with breathtaking ocean vistas.

It would be remiss to overlook the culinary aspect of a wellness retreat. The Standard doesn’t disappoint, offering various dining experiences. There’s authentic Maldivian fare at Guduguda alongside the breezy all-day-dining Kula spot. Foodies with a penchant for the freshest seafood won’t want to miss the BBQ Shak, where the chefs work their magic over a sizzling open-fire grill.

For all its wellness credentials, perhaps what truly makes The Standard appealing is its ability to seamlessly merge those elements with an atmosphere that’s both laid-back and undeniably stylish. This isn’t the sort of place where you’ll feel pressured to ditch dessert or wake at sunrise for a compulsory “wellness bootcamp”. It’s the Maldives, after all. Your personal concept of wellness, whether it’s a long swim, an indulgent spa treatment, or a sunset cocktail, is entirely in your hands.