NewsMarch 22, 2020

Survey Conducted for Chinese Citizens Working in Resorts and Guesthouses

The Chinese embassy is reaching out to the Chinese citizens working in Maldives resorts and guesthouses.

The Embassy is trying to reach Chinese citizens to complete a questionnaire.


In a tweet by the Chinese ambassador to Maldives, Amb. Zhang Lizhong posted; “Dear Maldivians, plz. help relay. The Embassy tries to reach Chinese citizens working in resorts & guesthouses in Maldives to complete questionnaire. If u are in resorts, plz. tell them. 在马尔代夫旅游島民宿工作的中国 公民,请尽快完成使馆问卷。” 

The link for the questionnaire: Survey for Chinese citizens working in resorts and guesthouses of Maldives