NewsMarch 10, 2024

Sustainability at Sandies Bathala: A Paradigm of Eco-Conscious Hospitality

At Sandies Bathala, sustainability is not merely a buzzword – it embodies their way of life. Their mission is unmistakable: to provide outstanding returns for stakeholders while nurturing positive connections with guests, employees, and partners. They aspire to gain recognition as the leading small resort and hotel chain worldwide, establishing the benchmark for hospitality excellence and environmental stewardship.

How does the resort achieve sustainability?

  • Bathala Map: Every guest at Sandies Bathala is provided with an A3 map, serving as their guide to all things Bathala. Enhanced with a QR code, guests can conveniently access real-time updates and information about the eco-friendly initiatives. The website’s sustainable folder further empowers guests to engage with resources like the Greenwalk and Marine Lab, ensuring an informative and environmentally conscious stay.
  • Bathala Goes Green: The comprehensive initiative at Sandies Bathala invites guests to join them in their sustainability journey. Through projects such as the Green Walk, Marine Wonderland, and BathaVibe, guests gain insights into the eco-conscious efforts. From coral adoption programs to shark research projects, Bathala Goes Green transforms guests from mere observers to active contributors to their sustainability goals.
  • The Green Walk: More than just a stroll, the Bathala Greenwalk is a transformative experience highlighting sustainability and community support. Divided into 12 spots, guests immerse themselves in Bathala’s commitment to conservation, minimising waste, and fostering a sense of community responsibility.
  • Green Spots: From the bar to the boutique, every corner of Sandies Bathala reflects their commitment to sustainability. They prioritise the use of reusable materials, support local suppliers, and offer eco-friendly products, ensuring that every guest interaction aligns with their environmental values.
  • Monitoring Coral Bleaching: Their efforts extend beneath the waves, where they actively monitor coral health and bleaching. Through structured surveys and data collection, they contribute to the understanding and conservation of these vital marine ecosystems.
  • Bathalantis Coral Nursery: Their coral gardening activities focus on restoration, with the BATHALANTIS Coral Nursery at the forefront. Through meticulous care and innovative technology, the resort propagates corals for transplantation, contributing to the health and biodiversity of Bathala’s reefs.
  • Marine Lab Bathashark: Guests become citizen scientists through the Bathashark project, engaging in shark research and conservation efforts. Through hands-on activities and presentations, guests gain a deeper understanding of these marine species and their role in the ecosystem.
  • Marine Presentation: Twice a week, the marine biologist hosts engaging presentations, offering insights into the wonders of the Maldives’ underwater world. From coral reefs to shark biology, guests embark on a journey of discovery, fostering a deeper connection to marine conservation.
  • Maruhabaa: The weekly Maruhabaa Cocktail celebrates Maldivian culture through immersive experiences and culinary delights. Guests participate in cultural activities and indulge in traditional flavours, creating unforgettable memories while honouring local traditions.

Through these initiatives, Bathala remains committed to conservation and sustainability and providing guests with unforgettable experiences in harmony with nature. By engaging guests in their efforts, the resort fosters a deeper understanding of the importance of environmental stewardship and inspires action towards a greener future. Together, the resort believes they can continue to protect and preserve the natural beauty of Bathala and its surrounding marine ecosystems for generations to come. Join the resort in its journey towards sustainability and experience the magic of Bathala firsthand. Let’s create lasting memories while making a positive impact on the planet. Welcome to Bathala, where sustainability meets paradise.


At Sandies Bathala, sustainability isn’t just a goal – it’s a way of life woven into every aspect of their operations. Join the resort in their commitment to environmental responsibility and create lasting memories while making a positive impact on the world. Welcome to a paradise where luxury meets sustainability, and every stay leaves a footprint of change.