NewsJuly 31, 2021

Taking a Look at Mohamed Farook, Revenue Manager at Reethi Faru Resort

Farook joined Reethi Faru in March 2021 to manage and optimise the online presence of Reethi Faru Resort.

Despite having many hobbies, he is most enthusiastic about computing and problem-solving over anything else. A firm believer that every problem has a solution, the most exciting part for him is finding that solution.


Farook believes that one of the key reasons he enjoys working in revenue management is because the field allows him to blend his interests and passions with his career.

“I am aware that every decision I make and every solution I find may not be essential. However, these solutions may still end up contributing to major successes for my workplace. That is the number one reason that motivates me to continue doing the work I do.”

With over nine years of hospitality experience in Middle Eastern resorts and city hotels, Farook s journey in the Maldives started in 2013. Using his various experiences in various market segments and different guests, Farook continued to succeed in his career within many Maldivian resorts.

At Reethifaru, Farook manages the reservations operations as per the resort’s standard and ensures procedures are fully known and followed while working hand-on with revenue & inventory management. Farook’s vision is to understand the composition of resort profitability and using that information to evaluate constant business from future success.