NewsApril 25, 2019

Technology Changing the Game In the Tourism Industry

Our lives are becoming more and more technological and we are becoming more and more dependent on technological devices. Slowly, but surely, the tourism and hospitality industry is also becoming more and more tech-savvy just like the rest of the world.  The following are some of the high-tech hotels in the world who have associated technology into their services.

  1. Hotel Ottilia, Copenhagen

Hotel Ottilia partnered with ACT.Global, a Danish company and uses their ACT CleanCoat technology. This technology enables the room to clean themselves with a transparent and odorless coating which purifies the air in the room for an year.


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2. Henn na Hotel, Nagasaki

Henn na Hotel is highly automated and shows their advancements from the reception itself where a velociraptor and human robot greets you. These robots are smart enough to carry on conversations in basic English and Japanese. There is a robot that carries your luggage to the room and one that stays with you in the room which carries out your little tasks.

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Eccleston Square Hotel, London

Though it has  a historic looking exterior, the inside of this hotel is highly dependent on technology. Keyboards are available to control music and lighting inside the hotel, iPads act as a room attendant, bathroom mirrors are installed with flat screen television’s embedded in them along with instant frosting feature available in shower glass walls.

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Tourism is the most prominent industry in Maldives and will see technology slowly being incorporated into the industry with the coming years.