NewsJuly 24, 2020

The Art of Sundowners: Amilla Maldives Resort and Residence Creates New Beachside Bar

Amilla Maldives is renowned for constantly innovating, and the temporary shutdown due to the pandemic offered the luxury resort an incredible opportunity to ring in the changes without disturbing a single guest. As such, the Amilla Islanders have been busy making a host of useful, quirky and playful additions to the island, including relocating the main bar to the beach of this Baa Atoll paradise.

‘Baa Baa Bar’ now stands on the soft white coral sand on the western side of the island. The reason for the move is that a number of guests commented how they would like to be able to enjoy a sundowner right on the beach with the sand between their toes as they watch the sun dipping into the ocean. Their wish was Amilla’s command, and so the Islanders set to work on Baa Baa Bar.


The sides of the stylish new bar are completely open so that guests can either enjoy uninterrupted views of the ocean from indoors or take a drink outside to enjoy on the beach, accompanied by the glorious sunset views. One of the highlights of Baa Baa Bar’s menus is the Sunset Hour Martinis every Saturday from 7pm to 8pm.

This special menu was created especially for Baa Baa Bar and includes delicious temptations such as a Rosemary Martini with a fresh sprig from Amilla’s organic garden and ‘Homemade@Amilla’ Rosemary Simple Syrup, or the Oishi Oishi Martini with exotic butterfly pea flowers and Butterfly Pea Flower Simple Syrup.

Guests can also enjoy a range of craft cocktails such as the Sloe Summer (with homemade sloe gin) and a selection of ‘Living Cocktails’ which feature live probiotic cultures or are fermented for their health benefits, such as Amilla’s Homemade lacto-fermented ‘living lemonade’, kombucha and tepache. Guests can even join a cocktail masterclass to learn how to make some cocktails at home for themselves. Fine wines, probiotic sodas, teas and premium beers complete Baa Baa Bar’s beverage line-up.

Baa Baa Bar also offers an enticing post-dinner menu to suit every mood. Night owls can enjoy signature cocktails or a delicious sweet treat such as coconut cheesecake, while those turning in for the night can sip on a sleep tonic such as golden milk with turmeric or Ayurvedic ashwaganda (winter cherry) tea.