NewsFebruary 4, 2024

The Culinary Journey With Chef Guillaume Goupil at Kandolhu Maldives Concludes

Kandolhu Maldives, synonymous with luxury and culinary excellence, proudly announces the triumphant conclusion of the remarkable culinary collaboration with Chef Guillaume Goupil at the Olive restaurant.

From January 23rd to 28th, guests were treated to an exceptional culinary journey, curated by Chef Goupil, celebrated for his innovative approach to traditional French cuisine.

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Beyond the live events, Chef Goupil’s handpicked creations have become an integral part of the Olive menu, leaving a lasting legacy at the resort. Dishes such as Panisse de Pois Chiche, Poisson Cru Mariné, Gaspacho de Féta, Ravioli de Chèvre, Homard en Persillade, and Crème Brulée au Romarin have become cherished additions, offering future guests the opportunity to savour and appreciate the exquisite flavours curated by Chef Goupil.

Chef Guillaume Goupil’s collaboration with Kandolhu Maldives was met with resounding success, promising an extraordinary fusion of flavours and luxury. Guests were treated to a symphony of tastes, expertly curated by the culinary maestro himself, leaving an indelible mark on the resort’s culinary offerings.