NewsAugust 31, 2023

The Design of Oaga Art Resort, A Homegrown Artistic Haven

Oaga Art Resort exemplifies creative vision, local essence, and the seamless fusion of luxury and nature’s abundance. Recognized as TTM Maldives’ “Best Design Hotel,” it offers an unparalleled refuge for travelers in search of both tranquility and artistic stimulation.

More than just a resort, Oaga Art Resort embodies local spirit and showcases unmatched creativity. Emerging from the passion of its local founders, this self-made brand epitomizes community values, pursuing excellence while fostering connections and supporting local initiatives. Its foundation lies in deep reverence for art and nature, intertwining modern luxury with indigenous principles.


Every facet of Oaga Art Resort’s design prioritizes guest comfort and privacy. The architectural layout seamlessly incorporates the island’s lush vegetation, creating a natural cocoon that ensures utmost privacy. From inviting outdoor spaces to cozy interiors, each villa provides a serene escape. Whether unwinding by the pool or strolling along the pristine beach, Oaga Art Resort offers an ideal backdrop that perfectly complements your holiday experience.

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As you explore the resort’s pathways, you’ll discover numerous murals portraying Maldivian history created by talented local artists. One of the notable mural is the one in the Haruge Beach Villas which pays tribute to Alifulhu’s grandfather, offering a timeless connection to the island’s story.

The architecture of Oaga Art Resort harmoniously blends human ingenuity with the island’s natural allure. Thoughtful positioning of structures maintains the delicate ecological balance of the Maldives. Instead of imposing on the landscape, the resort becomes one with the environment, enhancing its surroundings while minimizing any adverse impact. True to its name, Oaga Art Resort is more than a relaxation haven; it doubles as a canvas for artistic inspiration. Art installations thoughtfully placed throughout the resort reflect the vibrant cultural heritage of the Maldives, bridging the gap between past and present and connecting guests with the essence of the land. The immersive encounter at Oaga Art Resort transcends its physical beauty, engaging the senses and kindling unexpected sparks of creativity.

Whether in search of serenity or inspiration, Oaga Art Resort guarantees an unforgettable experience that transcends boundaries, leaving an enduring impression on the soul.

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