NewsAugust 27, 2019

The Labera 19′ Bodyboarding Challenge concludes successfully

The Labera 19′ Bodyboarding Challenge held from 18th-24th August has successfully concluded.

Organized by the Maldives Body Boarding Association, Labera Bodyboarding Challenge intends to provide a platform for all bodyboarders in the Maldives to showcase their skills and to encourage the younger generation to learn more about the watersport.


With 18 participants in the Prone Division and 8 participants in the Drop Knee Division, the challenge kickstarted on 18th August at Raalhugandu.

Kuda Ayya won the title of Labera for the second time while Dhooni and Loabi received 2nd and 3rd place.

Founded in 2013 the Maldives Body Boarding Association is a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing a platform for all bodyboarders in the Maldives.
99% of the Maldives is surrounded by water making water sports a big part of Maldivian youth culture. Over the years bodyboarding has become very popular and the organization has had a lot of success with its members winning numerous awards at international tournaments.
The MBBA organize and sanction professional events, make new rules for the sport, help promote grassroots growth, strengthen the bonds of friendship between existing associations, classes and disciplines of bodyboarding and to provide support and services for all bodyboarders.