NewsDecember 27, 2021

The National TV Slovenia Morning Show “Dobro Jutro” with Moji Maldivi Representing the Maldives

Moji Maldivi represented the dream destination Maldives at the famous live program ‘Dobro Jutro’ on Slovenia’s national TV, Slovenia 1 on 23rd December 2021. The show “Dobro Jutro” (Good Morning) is a dynamic morning program aired every weekday. It is intertwined with the studio talks and live events from different parts of Slovenia. The show includes advisory, educational, entertainment and informational content to a wide range of television viewers, making the show among the best-watched national television show.

Moji Maldivi’s Managing Director, Aishath Nuzuha was hosted at the show at 8.50 am, where she talked about Maldives as the dream destination for the people of Slovenia. She highlighted that Maldives is a holiday destination providing varieties of products and services catering to all potential travelers: from luxury holiday to active and budget holidays. She provided further information on the nation’s geography, culture, iconic experiences and famous locations to explore. As such, Male City, sandbanks, underwater marine life and resort properties such as Furaveri Maldives were showcased in the gallery of photos she shared.


Moji Maldivi deems that Southeast Europe and Balkan region are potential source markets to Maldives, and that with serious emphasis on promotion and marketing, these markets can be lured to the Maldives.

Moji Maldivi provides information about latest travel news, packages, unique attractions and exclusive offers in the regions local language Slavic in its official website and dedicated social media pages. The website acts as a focal point in gaining traveler information prior to visiting Maldives. In addition, Moji Maldivi’s portfolio of product and services includes Moji Maldivi Magazine, advisory & consultancy, PR & marketing, specialized content creation, as well as visiting travel fairs & expos in the region.