NewsMay 12, 2019

The Tourism Minister concluded an official trip to Laamu Atoll

The Tourism Minister of Maldives has concluded an official trip to Laamu Atoll. The purpose of this trip was to get more information from the citizens as to how they would like to see the tourism industry bloom.

One of the most notable aspects of this trip was that the minister visited not only inhabited islands, which can be used to create new resorts but also habited islands as well, in order to see what the ministry can do to increase the island tourism through guest house businesses and much more.


This trip is among one of the many official trips which the minister will embark on to meet with the island councils, atoll councils and city councils to see the necessary measures that can be taken to improve and attain the overall benefits of tourism to these islands.

The parliament member of L. Gan constitution, Mr. Mohamed Visam also discussed the matter with the Minister of Tourism. The official visit took place from the 9th to 11th of this month. He visited the islands of Gan, Fonadhoo, Kahdhoo, and Baresdhoo.