NewsJanuary 7, 2019

Thor came to the Rescue to clean the Beaches of Maldives

There is no arguing that Maldivian beaches are a thing of beauty. However, the constant waste being washed up on our beaches are an adversity that we have been facing for many years. In our efforts in saving ourselves from this problem, an unlikely face came to the rescue. In the end, it was Chris Hemsworth, or by his more famous name ‘Thor’ came to save the day and clean our beaches.

This news spread like wildfire on the social media recently. The Australian actor is seen collecting various plastic bottles, nets etc. from the beaches. Chris is also an ocean advocate that wants to protect and keep the beaches clean.


This generous act was highlighted as, help from ‘god’ in regard to his character Thor and was also seen published on No Plastic Maldives. No Plastic Maldives is a campaign aimed towards banning single-use plastics and other plastic sources.