NewsJune 2, 2021

Tourism Ministry Extends Bidding Deadline for Islands Up for Tourism Development

The Ministry of Tourism of the Maldives has extended the bidding deadline for 16 islands for tourism development purposes.

The previous deadline was 10th June 2021. In an announcement, the Tourism Ministry said that it had extended the deadline to 24th June, due to the prevalent COVID-19 situation.


The Ministry opened bidding for the islands with a lowered acquisition cost, after considering the current investment situation. Some of the islands up for bid include smaller isles near the original island as well as sandbanks.

The islands up for bids are:

  • HA. Velifinolhu
  • HA. Alidhuhfaru Finolhu
  • HDh. Kudafaru Fasgandu
  • M. Seedhee Huraa and M. Seedhee Huraa Veligandu
  • M. Maausfushi
  • Th. Kaaddoo
  • 10 hectares North of Th. Kanimeedhoo
  • Th. Olhufushi and Olhufushi sandbank
  • L. Kashidhoo
  • L. Bodumunyafushi
  • L. Dhonberaha and Holhurahaa
  • GA. Maarehaa
  • GA. Funadhooviligillaa
  • GDh. Kandahalagalaa
  • GDh. Kadevaarehaa and Dhigurehaa
  • GDh. Fereythagillaa (inclusive of a number of other islands)/Dhekaanbaa/Koderataa and a small 2.9-hectare island neighboring Fereythagillaa.

Both local and foreign companies are allowed to bid for the islands.

The Ministry previously estimated that 2021 would be a year full of investments in the tourism industry. The 2021 State Budget shows MVR 608.4 million as revenue as acquisition cost from islands for tourism development. However, the decision to reduce acquisition costs will have an adverse effect on projected revenue.