NewsMay 7, 2020

Tourism Ministry Request Resorts To Release Their Medical Professionals

Tourism Ministry has requested for the service of medical doctors and nurses working at resorts to engage with operations wit the National Emergency Operation Center (NEOC) and the Technical Advisory Group (TAG).

The Ministry has further requested for medical assistance and financial assistance from the resorts to combat the nationwide efforts against the COVID-19 pandemic.


While the number of confirmed cases has escalated to over 600 active cases with 2 fatalities in the country, health officials have forecasted a potential increase in the spread of the pandemic in the Male’ City area within the next two weeks.

At this difficult time, the Ministry said that the highest priority is to counter the socio-economic impacts and alleviate the suffering of the people.

“For this crucial task, we need every support we can tap into, both in terms of help of medical personnel, equipment and also financial assistance. As such, we are in need of more medical experts, especially medical doctors and nurses for this national operation,” a statement by the Ministry read.