NewsJuly 23, 2022

Tourist Arrivals in Maldives Surpass 900,000 So Far This Year!

Statistics publicised by the Tourism Ministry show that Maldives has recorded over 900,000 tourist arrivals so far this year.

The statistics show that Maldives saw a total of 1,321,932 tourist arrivals during last year, of which 572,123 tourists arrived as of July 20. The number of tourist arrivals this year as of July 20 stands at 900,808. This is a 57.5 percent increase.


India accounts for the highest tourist source market to the Maldives this year, with 132,151 arrivals (14.7 percent) from the country as of 20th July. In second place is United Kingdom with 104,667 arrivals (11.6 percent). Russia takes third place with 94,151 arrivals (10.5 percent).

There are 1,167 tourist facilities currently in operation, which is a total of 57,484 beds. The average stay of tourists in the Maldives is 8.1 days.