NewsMarch 17, 2020

Tourist Tested Negative Leaves Maldives with Guaranteed Return in 2021

A tourist who tested negative for COVID-19 has left Maldives with guaranteed return in year 2021.

The Italian tourist, who developed symptoms of the flu was also the youngest to be quarantined at the Vilivaru quarantined facility. Her parents described what they had to go through as an unexpected and unfortunate incident.


Tourism Minister Ali Waheed bid farewell to the family and gifted the family with an all inclusive holiday to the family in Maldives for year 2021.

A sail boat souvenir was gifted as a representation of the offer which read, “The pages of our fairy-tale took an unfortunate turn that we didn’t expect. But our story will continue in 2021, together we will write a new chapter in the #SunnySideOfLife with the melody of palms and the songs of the sea to keep us company. Wishes from Maldives to Italy”

Maldives tourism industry is significantly affected due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Government has taken border control measures by temporarily suspending all tourist arrivals from China, Italy, Bangladesh, Iran, parts of South Korea, Spain, and certain regions of Germany and France.