NewsJuly 17, 2020

Travel To Amilla Maldives Resort in Style with Manta Airways

Amilla Maldives Resort and Residences has announce a new partnership with Manta Airways. The luxury Baa Atoll resort is currently preparing to re-open from October onwards after the temporary hiatus due to the pandemic. Guests travelling to Amilla will now be arriving in style on board Manta Airways’ sleek fleet of blue and white seaplanes. 

Manta Airways is the Maldives’ newest seaplane and domestic aircraft operator and has already carved out a fine reputation for reliability and warm Maldivian hospitality. As such, the Amilla team jumped at the chance to work with an enterprise that shares the same ethos as their resort. Manta Airways aircraft offer customized seats to provide optimum comfort and legroom for everyone on board. The planes feature distinctive white, vermillion and turquoise livery, with a manta emblem on the tail. 


It seems very apt for Amilla Maldives to be working with a company named after the Maldives’ magnificent manta rays, since Amilla is blessed to be located in a famous manta ray hub, Baa Atoll UNESCO World Biosphere Reserve. In fact, manta ray season is just kicking off in Baa Atoll and private guests arriving over the next few months before the reopening for self-contained stays stand a good chance of being able to spot some of these magnificent creatures gliding through the water at cleaning stations and other manta ray haunts.

Amilla’s snorkelling and diving guides know all the best places to search for them and can’t wait to share their knowledge with returning guests. Scuba divers can find out essential new information on Amilla’s new COVID-19 diving guidelines here

Both Manta Airways and Amilla Maldives Resort and Residences will be operating with coronavirus health and safety protocols in mind as international guests return to the Maldives this month. They have implemented rigorous Covid-19 prevention plans for the peace of mind of all guests. You can read more about Amilla’s comprehensive coronavirus response here.

During the temporary closure of the resort, the Islanders have been busy improving facilities and making many new enhancements too. They are thrilled to be welcoming guests once more to Amilla’s power-soft white sand shores and unveiling to them all the #AmillaReborn innovations including a new sunset bar and organic garden