NewsAugust 11, 2021

TripKit: A Complete Guest Experience Solution

Every industry has challenges inherent to it. The hospitality industry is no different. 

From communications breakdowns to double booking to delays in service, there are many obstacles that need to be overcome to provide the best possible service. Enter, TripKit. 


TripKit is an easy-to-learn, easy-to-use, highly customizable digital concierge app. It was made to address some of the most common challenges in the hospitality industry, both on the guest side and the staff side. Let’s take a look at how. 

One of the key areas of focus for TripKit is improving communications. Guests can make requests or book facilities and/or services through the app, which can be downloaded through the App Store or the PlayStore. These guest requests will then be sent directly to staff of the relevant department so that they may respond to it as soon as possible. This direct line of communication helps avoid double booking, delays in service, and prevent misunderstandings. 

Speaking of preventing misunderstandings, TripKit also comes with multilingual support. By incorporating most major languages into the app, TripKit allows guests to peruse the services and facilities offered by their chosen establishment, in a language of their choice. The staff are also able to receive the requests in the language of their choice, ensuring that the requests are properly communicated. 

Another age-old challenge faced by hospitality establishments is the lack of guest awareness of what the establishments have to offer. TripKit allows for all the information to be displayed in a way that is convenient and easy for guests to peruse through. Additionally, it can even send notifications to alert them of new offers or promotions. 

TripKit also places great importance on customizability. Any hotel or resort or other hospitality establishment can opt for a white label version of TripKit that can be customized to meet their brand guidelines. TripKit also offers some options on how to display the guest itinerary, ranging from a more traditional list of bookings to a timeline. 

The app also has a map feature where it can display the entire property as an interactable map to the guests. They can find their way back to their rooms with it and also make bookings and other requests by tapping on the appropriate location and seeing what is on offer. 

On the staff side of things, the TripKit staff app allows staff to manage service requests and bookings quickly from the convenience of their own smartphones. It also allows them to check up on any guest staying, along with being able to check their itinerary. 

TripKit is an app that was designed to take on recurring challenges within the hospitality industry with the intent of overcoming them. With its keen focus on clear communication and ease of access, it is a powerful tool to improve both the guest and the staff experience.

If you’d like to learn more about TripKit, please head on over to the website. 

Smaller establishments can try the base version of TripKit at an affordable price, while larger hotels have the option of getting a white label version of the app, which they can customize to their liking.