NewsMarch 9, 2020

TTM Awards Opens Nominations for CSR Category

Travel Trade Maldives (TTM) has opened nominations for the TTM Awards CSR category.

CSR Award is an initiative by TTM to recognize partners in the hospitality industry for their outstanding contribution in area of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) to achieve for sustainable development.


CSR Award Criteria:

  • Environmental Responsibility: Successfully implemented major project or programme in areas such as: Energy Efficiency, Extended Product Responsibility, Green Product Design, Waste Reduction, Sustainable Business, Practices Focused on protection of Marine environment, and Water Conservation by the property.
  • Diversity & Inclusion
    – Empowerment of women: The property’s implemented programs committed to women’s empowerment and welfare with immediate or long-term positive effects in terms of gender equality, economic improvements and cultural biases.
    – Best practices in workplace: This category includes (if any) employee ownership plans. The policies and programmes in place that show the respect they have for their employees and how much they value them. For eg: Dependence care, layoffs, health provisions and employee training, privacy at work, improving quality of life at work, fostering lifelong learning and the implementation of employee ownership plans.
  • Philanthropy & Community Engagement: Community Program: A property that has successfully implemented a community project that has resulted in poverty alienation, better education, business growth or community engagement. Do they believe in creating educational opportunities for those who don’t have them or helping individuals to escape from poverty? How well do they back up its beliefs and commitment to the community? How sustainable is the project or programme?

The CSR award will be awarded to a property which meets the above criteria. The award will be given on TTM Awards & Gala which will be held on 11th June 2020.

Properties (Hotels/Resorts) can nominate themselves for the CSR award via the link.

The deadline for nomination is 30th April 2020.