Featured NewsApril 15, 2024

TTM Connect Launches Exciting New Networking and Marketing Features

TTM Connect, the online travel trade portal crafted for marketing and networking, has introduced new features. A comprehensive array of functions has been added to address the diverse needs of industry professionals, empowering them to connect, network, and collaborate effectively.

Significant changes have been implemented to enhance your year-round experience on TTM Connect.

  • Travel Trade Directory
    TTM Connect will feature profiles of over 1,000 leading travel trade partners in the Maldives tourism industry. This will provide a comprehensive directory for industry professionals and enable users to discover and connect with potential partners easily.
  • Networking on TTM Connect
    Users can send messages to other members, making communication and collaboration seamless. This feature improves networking, helping users build relationships with industry peers, potentially leading to partnerships and business opportunities.
  • Marketing Opportunities
    TTM Connect will offer advertising and promotional spaces for users to showcase their products and services to a targeted industry audience, increasing their visibility and reach within the travel trade community.
  • Sharing News/Press Releases
    The feature will allow users to share news, press releases, and updates within the network, keeping members informed about industry developments and trends.
  • TTM Data
    TTM Connect will provide users with precise data, analytics, trends, insights, and market forecasts. This feature will enable users to make informed decisions and strategies, helping them to stay ahead in the competitive travel trade market.
  • TTM Standards
    Users will have access to a comprehensive range of information, including property details, competitive positioning, and market perception, aiming to provide them with valuable insights into industry standards and best practices.

Currently, registrations for TTM Maldives 2024 are ongoing. Visitors & exhibitors can now register via connect.traveltrademaldives.com

TTM Maldives 2024 will be held from the 21st to the 22nd of August 2024, featuring TTM Connect Meetings on both days, followed by the grand TTM Awards & Gala Night on the last day at Adaaran Select Hudhuran Fushi.