NewsMarch 14, 2022

TTM Maldives 2022 Exhibitor Registrations Open Via TTM Connect, Deadline 31st May

Travel Trade Maldives has opened exhibitor registrations for TTM Maldives 2022. TTM is the largest international fair held in the Maldives and will showcase over 100 resorts/hotels & leading 200 operators from the Top 30 countries to the Maldives.

Exhibitors can now register for the event before 31st May 2022 through the Connect Software. This year’s event is scheduled to be held from 23rd to 25th August at Meeruma Conference Facility and CROSSROADS Maldives.


The exhibitors will get the opportunity to exhibit their property virtually at Maldives Virtual Tour Expo 2022 which will be held from 1st to 31st July 2022. Maldives Virtual Tour Expo is the largest virtual consumer fair to be held in the Maldives targeting over 10 million people worldwide.

Furthermore, TTM Exhibitors will get invitations to the TTM Travel summit and Awards and Gala Night. Other benefits include the usage of ‘Connect” software to pre-schedule the meetings and feature their property in the Best of Maldives Magazine.

New participants can now register for the event through the website and registered participants will have to register for the TTM Maldives 2022 event through the Connect software

For further information please email