NewsDecember 6, 2021

TTM Travel Summit 2021 Highlights: Mr. Mohamed Mihad on Changes in the Airline Industry

At the TTM Travel Summit 2021, which was held on 28th November 2021, one of the keynote speakers was Mr. Mohamed Mihad, the Managing Director of Island Aviation.

Speaking at the summit, Mr. Mihad highlighted on the past and future of the National Carrier of the Maldives normally known as Maldivian Airlines. He has highlighted on how the airline got through the COVID-19 lockdown being the only domestic airline that operated in the Maldives at that time.


During his presentation, Mr. Mihad has mentioned that Maldivian is planning to add new additions to their fleet and they are expecting exponential growth for the next quarter. Maldivian is also working towards starting their flying school in the Maldives and will continue to serve and improve the local and international community.

Furthermore, Mr. Mihad has applauded the government’s bold decision to open up the boarders during July 2021 which lead to over 1.3 million tourists to the Maldives until now.

The TTM Travel Summit 2021 was held on 28th November 2021, as the opening event of this year’s TTM Maldives, the largest and leading travel fair in the country.