NewsDecember 2, 2021

TTM Travel Summit 2021 Highlights: Mr. Paul Heimo Talks About Digital Brochures for the Future

Mr. Paul Heimo, the Group Division Director of the Indian Ocean and Latin America of FTI Group was among the keynote speakers during the TTM Travel Summit 2021 and he talked about how the future has arrived with digital brochures.

Instead of printed catalogues the FTI group has come up with an interesting digital brochure called the eMag. A digital catalogue leading into a new era. With the digital brochure of eMag, the destination is presented in a new interactive way, with an image gallery and videos and with target groups orientated via category filters. A wider reach for the destination is also established as the destination will be featured on all their eMag versions in different languages.


With the whole of travel on one mobile platform, Mr. Paul stated that all resorts will be connected to the FTI booking engine in both B2B and B2C versions where all the activities are directly pushing sales.

Mr Paul also stated that traditional travel agencies will never be out of the picture and that they will always be there. He believes that there are destinations who will always need a specific recommendation or a specific planning and travel agents are the ones who can provide these details to the travellers.

The TTM Travel Summit 2021 was held on 28th November 2021, as the opening event of this year’s TTM Maldives, the largest and leading travel fair in the country.