NewsDecember 2, 2021

TTM Travel Summit 2021 Highlights: Mr. Rajesh Mehta on the Benefits of a Digital Transformation at Resorts

At the TTM Travel Summit 2021 this Sunday, Mr. Rajesh Mehta – Director of Enterprise Business of Ooredoo Maldives talked about the benefits of the digital transformations and the importance of digital solutions being available at the resorts.

Mr Rajesh mentioned about the existing digital solutions offered to their customers in the hospitality industry with the help of the Ooredoo GPON Solution. Ooredoo GPON Solution carries multiple services on a single fibre network. A single fibre for each resort room carries these multiple service including wireless connectivity, IBTV, telephoning and additional data points. Additionally, he also mentioned that full Wi-Fi coverage is provided throughout the island using fibre network with Wi-Fi access points installed at key locations. Other services also include digital butler, digital buggy and digital resort applications.


OMDC – the new world class state of the art data centre of Ooredoo is designed to provide reliability and safety to every business with unparalleled connectivity and storage and support systems for IT based services and their operations as well.

Mr Rajesh Mehta highlighted that Ooredoo is there to help all resorts with the kind of technology they want to pick up and want to associate themselves with. Their tailored solutions of digital transformations will make problem solving easier.

The TTM Travel Summit 2021 was held on 28th November 2021, as the opening event of this year’s TTM Maldives, the largest and leading travel fair in the country.