NewsDecember 6, 2021

TTM Travel Summit 2021 Highlights: Mr Rangika Somarathne on Online Travel Aggregator Trends

Mr. Rangika Somarathne, the Senior Account Manager of Maldives & Sri Lanka for was a keynote speaker at the TTM Travel Summit 2021 where he discussed’s predictions for the triumphant return of travel in 2022.

With the help of an extensive research done by the company, Mr. Rangika revealed key predictions for the future of travel across the world in the coming year. The results of this research revealed a renewed sense of optimism to fully experience the world in the year ahead.


Mr. Rangika went on ahead to further explain these 7 key trends which are: vitamin vacay, resetting out of office, all the first-time feels, community first, swiping right on new places and faces, just say yes and embracing the unpredictable. Vitamin vacay trend consists of travellers traveling for their mental and emotional wellbeing more than other forms of rest and relaxation. Whereas resetting out of office will include work-free for three quarters of travellers in 2022. Additionally, nearly a fifth of global travellers are looking forward to the pure excitement and first-time feels.

Furthermore, travellers also wish to travel to places that are beneficial to the local community at their destination and two-thirds of global travellers also want to meet new people while away. Mr. Rangika stated that after so long of being told “no”, travellers are reclaiming a more positive way of thinking for 2022 where they want to be more flexible and just go with the flow.

Uncertainty will continue to be a constant in travel in 2022, and while we cannot change or predict every new surprise and challenge that fate has in store for us, we will embrace it. Two-thirds of travellers agree that having leaned on technology in a variety of ways to stay connected and inspired over the past year and a half, their favorite apps will continue to help navigate the unknown on trips.

Lastly, Mr. Rangika spoke about how the pandemic may have influenced our collective commitment to travel and explore in a more mindful and sustainable way. will integrate the “Sustainable Property” feature on their website to help travellers stay in a sustainable accommodation.

The TTM Travel Summit 2021 was held on 28th November 2021, as the opening event of this year’s TTM Maldives, the largest and leading travel fair in the country.