NewsNovember 29, 2021

TTM Travel Summit 2021 Highlights: Mr. Tolga Unan on Redefining the Maldives Experience

TTM Travel Summit 2021 was held yesterday where Mr Tolga Unan, Managing Director of Marina @ CROSSROADS and Hard Rock Hotel Maldives was a keynote speaker and delivered an incredible speech about redefining the Maldives experience.

With only Hard Rock Hotel Maldives as his responsibility initially, Mr Tolga later took over the realm of the entire CROSSROADS Maldives. He went on to say that the Maldives has always been a crossroads of cultures and that it is a hub for cultures.


Quoting His Excellency Ibrahim Mohamed Solih, Mr Tolga also agreed that culture has now become an important part of our economy. As more and more travellers especially, the millennials travel to explore and experience different cultures and heritages. They want to learn about their ways of living. Mr Tolga stated that this is what summarises CROSSROADS Maldives.

“The missing piece for tourism in the Maldives is the cross-cultural exposure. CROSSROADS Maldives bridges this missing piece as they are built and designed to cater to various social groups. This is the place where cultures meet. Culture, fun and exchange, they go together.” Mr Tolga talked about what sets apart CROSSROADS Maldives from the other resorts.

As for the future of CROSSROADS Maldives? It is certainly looking very bright. With the expansion of the property, they want to become a world-class lifestyle destination: A crossroads to the Maldives. They hope to be the ultimate neighbourhood in the development of the Greater Male’ region offering something that others don’t. One big complex venue for everyone where the cultural angle, a platform for local and foreign businesses available and the social space for everyone to interact with.