Every Moment, an Adventure at Grand Park Kodhipparu, Maldives

Experience the ultimate Maldivian getaway at Grand Park Kodhipparu, where adventure awaits at every turn. Dive into the mesmerising underwater world with the guidance of certified divers and water sports experts, exploring the vibrant marine life of the Maldives with exhilarating dives and thrilling water sports. 

But if relaxation is more your style, luxuriate in secluded bliss on a floating deck, where you can bask in breathtaking sunsets while reclining on plush day beds. Delight in meticulously curated menus served by attentive staff, savouring each moment of indulgence.

Private Floating Sunset Rendezvous

Catch the Maldivian sunset in complete seclusion on your private floating deck – a must-see for travellers. This exclusive retreat offers the true essence of barefoot luxury, allowing guests to relax on comfortable day beds while feeling the gentle sway of the ocean and listening to the distant sound of waves breaking on the shore. To enhance this unique experience, guests can choose from five specially curated menus, each served by a dedicated private chef and butler, ensuring a memorable gastronomic journey.

Sand Bank Picnic

Guests are invited to visit a nearby sandbank island, where they can relish a gourmet picnic lunch with their loved ones. The afternoon offers a range of activities, from snorkelling in the crystal-clear waters teeming with vibrant marine life to basking in the sun on the soft, white sand. As dusk approaches, the experience becomes even more enchanting with an intimate romantic dinner under a canopy of stars, set in a secluded and tranquil spot where the only sounds are the gentle waves and the whispering breeze. 

Water Bike

Guests can enjoy an exceptional watersports experience with the innovative water bike. This unique device, resembling an aquatic exercise bike, offers a fun and invigorating way to explore the surrounding waters. The water bike allows users to pedal across the water’s surface, providing both a great workout and an adventurous ride. Its design ensures stability and ease of use, making it accessible for individuals of all fitness levels. 

Diving and Snorkelling

Beneath the surface of the North Male Atoll lies a captivating underwater world, brimming with a diverse array of marine life, renowned dive sites, and the exhilarating presence of Shark Point. At the dive centre, fully stocked with all the necessary equipment, visitors venture on an extraordinary journey guided by a team of seasoned PADI-certified professionals committed to delivering an exceptional diving experience. Guests are invited to immerse themselves in the wonders of the ocean’s depths, guided by experts passionate about sharing the beauty and excitement of underwater exploration.


The water sports centre welcomes adventure-seekers with its range of thrilling activities, resembling a candy store for enthusiasts of the sun and sea. With a wide selection ranging from jet skiing to kayaking and windsurfing, guests are guaranteed days filled with exhilarating experiences. 

For more information, visit, www.parkhotelgroup.com/north-male-atoll/grand-park-kodhipparu-maldives/.