Grand Park KodhipparuJune 11, 2022

Explore the Exquisite Dining Experiences at Grand Park Kodhipparu

In between snorkeling the reefs, topping up your tan and generally taking the word “relaxation” to new heights, there’s a key question of what to eat – and where.

Happily, Grand Park Kodhipparu punches well above the average when it comes to culinary choices, thanks to their chefs, they are able to craft some of the finest dishes using some of the most expensive ingredients, as well as local produce, into show-stopping plates.

Keep on reading to learn more about gastronomic adventures at Grand Park;

The Edge

The international buffet with open scenic views serves quite the exquisite dining experience in Maldives at this beautifully designed dining outlet. Here, you get to indulge in a wide range of international cuisine from The Edge’s extensive “live cooking” buffet menu, which features live cooking stations where dishes are freshly prepared freshly upon request.

Breeze Poolside Dining & Bar

Breeze is set against the crystal blue panoramic view and by the infinity pool, the laidback ambience serves lunch and light bites throughout the day. Their menu accumulates of modern, light and contemporary interpretations of Asian and Mediterranean classics and old favorites like burgers, pasta, and salads. With no doubt, Breeze is up there on the list of best bars here in the Maldives for the great location and selection of delectable bites and experienced bartenders creating refreshing cocktails and mocktails.


Firedoor is their specialty restaurant and one of the top restaurants in Maldives, which is ideal for a celebratory dining experience. You will be greeted by a hive of activity at the show kitchen. At the heart of the restaurant, schools of colorful fish swim idly in the lagoon adding to the carefree vibe as guests dine at either their indoors or al fresco.

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