Oaga Art ResortApril 30, 2023

Explore the Top Excursions at Oaga Art Resort for An Unmatched Maldivian Experience

Escape to a world of adventure and exploration at Oaga Art Resort, where the enchanting allure of the Maldives is paired with a variety of thrilling excursions and activities. From diving into the depths of the ocean to soaring across the waves on a jet ski, and immersing in the rich culture and cuisine of the Maldives, the resort promises a journey of excitement and discovery for all who seek it. 

With the Oaga Art Resort Premium All-inclusive package, guests can choose 3 excursions per person per stay from an exciting range, as well as a number of complimentary water sports included in their stay.

Water Sports & Snorkelling

Feel the wind in your hair and the salty spray on your face as you partake in the many water sports available at Kraken Tours Water Sports Centre. Hear the hum of the motor as you speed across the waves on a jet ski, or feel the rush of adrenaline as you try your hand at windsurfing. For a more tranquil experience, immerse yourself in the calm waters and witness the beauty of the ocean from a different perspective with a peaceful snorkelling adventure.


As you step foot into the magnificent Oaga Art Resort, a world of wonder and adventure unfolds before you. The crystal-clear waters of the Maldives glisten in the sun, beckoning you to explore their depths. Dive into the underwater world and witness a kaleidoscope of colours – vibrant corals, schools of colourful fish, and the occasional sea turtle gracefully gliding by. For true adventurers, Oaga Art Resort offers scuba diving excursions that will take you to some of the most stunning underwater spots in the Maldives. Explore the depths of the ocean and witness the majesty of sea creatures up close, from tiny seahorses to massive manta rays.

Sunset Cruise

As guests embark on a sunset cruise from Oaga Art Resort, they are welcomed by the mesmerising colours of the setting sun reflecting off the tranquil waters. The experience of the sunset cruise is both serene and breathtaking, as couples or families can unwind and relax while taking in the beautiful scenery. The gentle breeze, sound of waves, and warm colours of the sky create the perfect atmosphere for a romantic or peaceful getaway.

Sunset Fishing

Board a traditional Maldivian fishing boat and cast your line into the shimmering water as the warm hues of the setting sun illuminate the sky. Enjoy the stunning views of the Maldivian atolls and take in the peacefulness of the moment. The tranquil atmosphere of this excursion is sure to captivate your senses and leave you with unforgettable memories of your time in the Maldives. 

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