NewsMarch 14, 2020

Turkish Airlines Cancels Flights to 9 European Countries

Turkish Airlines has announced that it has suspended routes to nine destinations across Europe due to COVID-19. Flights to Germany, France, Spain, Norway, Denmark, Belgium, Austria, Sweden and Netherlands will be halted until April 17th.

The carrier announced that these measures have been put in place as part of the impact that the spread of COVID-19 is having.


Turkish Airlines displayed the following statement on its website: “Our flights with Germany, France, Spain, Norway, Denmark, Belgium, Sweden, Austria and Holland as departure point are suspended (until) April 17, 2020. You can obtain the most up-to-date information regarding your flights from our flight status page using your flight number or route.”

The airline shared that passengers who have tickets booked to these destinations between March 14th April 17th will be able to make reservation changes free of charge if the new flight takes place by May 31st.

Additionally, refunds will be issued for any unused tickets. For any partially used tickets, where the trip has not been completed, passengers will be provided with route changes where possible. Alternatively, they will receive refunds for the unused part of the ticket.

Furthermore, passengers with canceled flights can change their tickets for free via the company’s website, app, sales offices and call centers. They can also consult the agency from which they purchased the ticket.