Featured NewsMarch 2, 2020

Turn Your World Upside Down at The Standard, Maldives

If you want to leave all your worries behind, have some fun and if you’re into art and music, The Standard, Maldives is the place to be.

When you get off the seaplane at the floating jetty, your breath is taken away by the beauty of the water. Little fishes around the floating platform will surely make you want to start snorkeling right then and there.


Music hits you hard before you even land on the island. The hip chill vibe you get even before you step foot on the island will surely make your troubles go away and smile.

I was welcomed to the spacious lobby with open windows. The lobby had huge bean-bag like teal color comfy sofa chairs but what stroked me most was the teal curtains that looked like a lagoon. It took me a minute to identify the hidden local language written all over the curtains.

I was then welcomed with – no, not a welcome drink, but with fun popsicles. I got the lime flavor which was so refreshing. Savored every drop of it!

I got to stay in a Ocean Beach Villa with a private pool towards the beach side. The room interior was simple but the neon pink strap around the bedside and the pink floaties hanging on the wall gave a pop of color. Everything was simply white from the snorkeling gear on the wall to the cool ukulele at the side table.

Walking it to the bathroom made me feel like I needed to get my dancing shoes on immediately. The all white and spacious bathroom had a disco ball hanging from the ceiling. The bathroom dancer in me knew that it was where I needed to be. Even the bath tub was no ordinary one. It was a round and huge white tub where I can relax with some music under the disco!

Standard Maldives is not just retro and energetic, but makes sure that the guests eat healthy. The menu at the Todis bar is a collection of fresh oysters, fried chicken sandwiches, and dry aged beef burgers and fries to name a few. Todis bar certainly is the spot for an indulgent and playful afternoon.

Sunset views were best at the Beru Bar which also houses one of the biggest disco ball I have seen in Maldives – that too on a glass surface just above the turquoise waters.

I got to enjoy a wonderful stay which began with refreshing sunrise yoga on the spa deck, some good breakfast and swimming that was followed by some relaxing spa time which helped me cool off.

Need sometime off the busy hectic schedule? Then get your swimming caps on and head off to The Standard, Maldives!

Don’t defer that dream vacation. Just go.