NewsMay 26, 2019

Two talented Maldivian artists showcase their artworks in Vision Maldives Exhibition in China

Two talented artists are showcasing over 80 artworks at the Vision Maldives which is the first-ever large scale exhibition by Maldivian artistic in Beijing, China. The artworks address challenges in global concern in Maldives and show how people are all connected.

Ahmed Amir who has displayed 35 of his oil paintings at the exhibition said that his inspiration for the artwork comes from natural beauty and landscapes while Afzal Shaafiu, noted his inspiration for these artworks were from ocean junk.


The exhibition kicked off on May 17 and will continue until May 22 at the China International Cultural Exchange Centre. The exhibition is going on at the same time as the Conference on Dialogue of Asian Culture.

Mohamed Faisal, the Ambassador of Maldives to China, said at the event: “The purpose of this exhibition is to extend this dialogue. You know the Maldives is very famous for its tourism, but the Chinese people know very little about Maldivian art and culture. So we are bringing Maldivian art here and we are creating a dialogue of culture between China and Maldives. This is something we have been trying to do for a long time. For us, the most important message we want to give is that the Maldives has very thriving art and secondly there is a bridge of culture and art that can bridge the two countries.”