NewsJuly 25, 2020

UK, US Lead Tourist Arrivals to Maldives Since Border Reopening

Maldives has welcomed 904 tourists in 10 days of reopening the borders where UK and US leads the tourist arrivals by country.

With 117 tourists, UK was in the lead and US followed with 106 holidaymakers, as per the official statistics released by Maldives Immigration.


While Maldives welcomed 73 Germans, the number of travelers since reopening from both Switzerland and Russia was 45 each. Other markets that made the top 10 arrival by country list includes Philippines (35), UAE (31), Spain (31), Hungary (30) and  Egypt (23).

A total of 368 tourists were classified as other nationalities.

The increase in UK travelers to Maldives comes with the destination landing on the UK’s Global Travel Advisory list which allows UK holidaymakers to return to their country without the need to self-isolate.

Meanwhile, online travel company Kuoni reported an increase in bookings from UK for December departures to Maldives. Kuoni’s bookings has also spiked for 2021 with Maldives in the lead. The destination swept up 56% of the bookings, the travel firm revealed.

Various other online surveys have landed Maldives on top searches list of Indian luxury travelers, Chinese, US travelers, Brits and Singaporeans during the pandemic.

Maldives opened the borders for all nationalities from 15th July 2020. Tourists traveling to Maldives are provided a free 30-day tourist visa on arrival.