NewsApril 7, 2021

Unconditional Freedom – The Nautilus Maldives Launches Sky Diving

As part of the free-spirited experiences offered at The Nautilus, the ultra-luxe private island has officially launched its brand new adrenaline-fuelled adventure; skydiving. Allowing adrenaline-lovers to jump alone or in tandem from heights of 12,000ft above the Indian Ocean’s baa atoll, this exclusive and bespoke activity is an absolute once-in-a-lifetime experience.

As part of the The Nautilus’ plans to provide the ultimate Maldivian haven for guests post-pandemic, this latest addition to the already impressive repertoire of experiences is for those seeking a moment of air-borne astonishment. With boundless freedom at the heart of everything The Nautilus does, this latest skydiving offer is the epitome of the feeling The Nautilus brings to its guests time and time again. This latest coup from The Nautilus falls at the same time as their “ultra-itineraries” package launch, where guests can create the most unforgettable itinerary or once-in-a-lifetime experiences all in one.


Guests can rest assured that their safety remains the priority for this breathtaking venture with an extensive skydiving team to take care at each step. Just a 20 minute yacht ride from The Nautilus at Dharavandhoo domestic airport, guests will be greeted and fully briefed by the expert skydiving team. Adrenaline-seekers will then get into their jumpsuit, strap on their goggles, board the aircraft and experience the most sensational moment of their life as they and their experienced instructor edge towards the door, peering down at the tourmaline Maldivian seas.

After a short 20 minute plane ride to heights of 12,000ft, guests and their instructor will launch into the sky and freefall for one minute at speeds of 200km per hour before their parachute-canopy opens. Once the parachute opens, you can enjoy a full 360-degree view of the baa atoll like no other for a whole five minutes before safely landing on the Maldivian white-sands.

The Nautilus’ skydiving experience is perfect for those who are already professionally licensed skydivers, extreme adventure enthusiasts and even first-timers adrenaline-seekers who can tandem jump with one of our seasoned instructors. Guests who book a tandem skydive package can also request video footage of their experience to share with friends and family back home.

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