NewsJanuary 11, 2024

Understanding the Necessity of a Regulatory Scheme in Maldives Tourism

Considering the unique challenges and opportunities within the Maldives’ tourism sector, a compelling argument arises for establishing a regulatory scheme to fortify consumer protection and foster confidence in the country’s tourism offerings.

A regulatory framework could safeguard tourists in the event of unforeseen circumstances, such as the financial insolvency of a travel organiser. This safety net becomes particularly pertinent in destinations like the Maldives, where international travellers invest significantly in their dream vacations.


Drawing inspiration from the evolution of the ATOL scheme since its inception, Maldivian policymakers could tailor regulations to the specific needs and dynamics of the country’s tourism industry. This could involve periodic reviews and adjustments to ensure relevance and effectiveness, mirroring the adaptability showcased by the UK’s regulatory model.

The criteria for businesses selling flight accommodation would need careful consideration, aligning with the Maldives’ unique market structure. Defining categories such as the operator of the aircraft, entities holding a regulatory license, or those meeting specific exemptions could provide a foundation for the proposed scheme.

Exploring exemptions, as outlined in a tailored regulatory framework, could include entities acting as agents for regulatory license holders, members of recognised bodies, or other relevant stakeholders. Flexibility in granting specific or class exemptions, overseen by a designated authority, would allow the regulatory framework to evolve with the industry’s changing dynamics.

Adopting a regulatory scheme inspired by successful models like the ATOL could be a strategic step. Balancing the imperative for consumer protection with the practical considerations of the local industry would be pivotal in crafting a regulatory framework that enhances the resilience and reputation of the Maldives as a premier travel destination.