NewsNovember 20, 2019

Unicorn Hospitality to debut in the Maldives with Zazz Escapes Maldives Resort in 2021

Thailand’s Unicorn Hospitality is to make debut in the Maldives with the Zazz Escapes Maldives Resort in 2021.

ZAZZ Island is an adult-focused beach resort, offering efficient, friendly service to a millennial-focused customer base coming from the leading cities. Located 35 mins seaplane ride away from Male International Airport or 1h 45 mins by speed boat, the resort is currently under construction.


Unicorn Hospitality is a new hospitality management group, based in Bangkok and striving for enhanced creativity, integrated wellness, and modern lifestyles. Founded in 2015, UNICORN Hospitality is a full hotel management specialist offering a broad range of consulting services for hotels, restaurants, bars, club and beyond. Their brand pillars are anchored in excellence, uniqueness and brand consistency.

The company said in a statement that its growth is being driven by an increasing appetite among hotel owners, especially in Asia, to move away from the large international chains and work with a local hospitality provider who understands their culture and can more accurately help them deliver their vision. Unicorn Hospitality also seeks to cater to the growing segment of customers who are “seeking more intimate experiences that reflect the essence of their destination”.

“For many Asian hoteliers, partnerships with big chains can be fraught with difficulties. Management contracts are often extremely rigid, making ‘divorces’ almost impossible or very expensive. Many owners we have spoken to complain that their relationships lack the personal warmth and intuition that a boutique or smaller operator can provide. Moreover, guests feel that these ‘cookie-cutter’ brands don’t have a strong connection with their locale,” said Yann Gouriou, founder and CEO of Unicorn Hospitality.

“Big chains compensate for this by promising extensive global sales and distribution, but with more direct channels available than ever before, independent and small-chain hotels can now compete on a more equal footing. Unicorn Hospitality enables Asian hoteliers to enjoy professional and fully bespoke management services, and importantly, retain a product that matches their original vision and demonstrates a unique charm and personality,” he added.

Unicorn Hospitality currently operates six brands and white label management concepts: Unicorn Hotels & Resorts, Kly Hotels & Resorts, Hangout By Kly, Live By Kly, Zazz Hotels and The Unchained Collection.