NewsDecember 1, 2021

Unique Experiences of Maldives Webinar Held for Travel Trade from Nordic Region

MMPRC (Visit Maldives) holds “Unique experiences of the Maldives” webinar for travel trade from the Nordic region. The one-hour webinar was held on 30th November 2021.

This is the second session of a series of webinars organized by MMPRC targeting the Nordic market. The webinar is held for the Nordic travel trade, in order to provide them with the latest information and travel guidelines from the destination. The webinar series aims to inspire the Nordic travel trade to broaden and extend their Maldives product portfolio.


The second session of the webinar was held on the title “Maldives – A safe haven with unique experiences”. CEO and MD of MMPRC, Mr. Thoyyib Mohamed opened the webinar by highlighting the safety offered by our tourist facilities for visitors. He noted that the unique geography of our scattered islands offer natural social distancing and highlighted the stringent measures in place in our resorts, hotels, guesthouses and liveaboards. He also spoke on the unique experiences available in the Maldives for tourists traveling for different purposes.

Industry partners joining MMPRC on this webinar session include Canopus Maldives and Centara Hotels & Resorts. A destination presentation was given during this session. In addition to this, the industry partners also provided information on the different services available for tourists through their establishments.

The first session under this series was held in September 2021 under the title “Connect with Maldives, Your Safe Haven”. During this session MMPRC gave an overview of the destination, how to get to Maldives, and what they must know to sell the “Maldives”.

Each of the one hour sessions under this webinar series is expected to reach the top travel agents from the Nordic market. The last webinar in this series will be held under the title of “Local islands, local experiences”. MMPRC has been holding and participating in various activities, including virtual and in-person events in order to maintain the momentum of the destination amongst existing, new and emerging markets. This includes roadshows, webinars and participation in fairs and exhibitions targeting different markets.