NewsJuly 26, 2023

Utility Regulatory Authority Amends Resort As-built Design Reports Deadline

The Utility Regulatory Authority (URA) of Maldives has set a crucial deadline for operational resorts to submit Utility Services’ as-built design reports. Resorts must submit their reports to the URA by September 24, 2023, unless they have requested an extension. Extension requests will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis to ensure a fair and efficient process.

The as-built design report is a vital document outlining technical information for water systems, sewer systems, and waste management centers within each resort. The URA has specified minimum requirements that all operational resorts must adhere to.


For water systems, the report should include the layout of the Reverse Osmosis (RO) plant, water network layout, and the Brine Outfall drawing. As for sewer systems, it must encompass the layout of the Sewage Treatment Plant (STP), sewer network layout, and the Sewer Outfall drawing. For the Waste Management Centre (WMC), the report should contain the WMC site plan, Waste Transfer Route, and Sewer Outfall drawing.

Resorts are required to compile information utility-wise (water, sewer, and waste services) and submit a comprehensive report. Power system upgrades must also be included, bearing the signature of a registered engineer to certify reliability and adherence to safety standards.

Once the as-built design report is submitted, the resort becomes eligible for the registration and licensing process of utility services, beginning in November 2023. Resorts with non-compliance issues will be given time to address and rectify discrepancies. The URA seeks cooperation from all existing operational resorts to ensure a smooth and efficient registration and licensing process of utility services.