NewsFebruary 17, 2021

Valentine’s Day Celebrations at Reethi Faru Resort

You don’t just celebrate, but redefine love in Maldives – unquestionably the most picturesque setting in the world. Known for its stunning white-sand beaches, turquoise lagoons, unparalleled waterscapes, gorgeously chic villas over the water and land, everyday is a celebration here. At Reethi Faru, the bio-luxury resort, love and celebration were in the air as couples, friends and families came together to share their love messages and secret wishes at the Valentine’s Day get-together.

Their little cupid-angel distributed bare hearts, on which guests poured their emotions out to express their love for each other. Reethi Faru is one big family and  guests are a big part of it. So, as a symbolic gesture, the hearts filled with love messages were united and tied on the branches of their Banyan Tree. This tree, a salient feature at Reethi Faru Resort, is filled with hearts carrying the names of their eco-warriors – guests who have participated in the sustainability initiatives have a permanent place in their heart.


Sustainability is at the heart of Reethi Faru Resort, and as a special gesture the resort team created a heart, made out of natural resources – broken wooden branches and rope made with coconut husk. “We hope that going forward our family will keep growing and more and more of our guests and patrons will keep joining our sustainability journey,” a statement by the resort read. “We will soon be announcing our Valentine’s Day Contest winners!”

Reethi Faru is a stunning, one of a kind, tropical island paradise, where the glistening, crystal clear ocean meets endless white coral sand and tropical foliage making this a truly magical, lagoon escape. The resort is family run and has an enviable pedigree thanks to its drive for conserving the natural beauty of the islands and sustaining the ecosystems upon which the fragile coral reef relies.

This breath-taking, tropical island paradise is proud to have guardianship of all that nature has created on a tiny island in Raa Atoll, measuring just six hundred by three hundred and fifty metres. Guests can unwind in one of one hundred and fifty traditional, luxurious Maldivian villas, either complete with Jacuzzi, nestled in our tropical gardens, beachside, or on stilts over the turquoise water.