NewsMarch 24, 2020

Velana International Airport Witnesses Over 60% Decrease in Flight Landings

Maldives Airport Company Limited (MACL) has revealed that Velana International Airport has witnessed over 60% decrease in the number of flight landings.

On 22nd March, the airport welcomed 16 out of the 43 international flights scheduled.


However, the total number of domestic flights within Maldives on Sunday stood at 25.

As part of the on going efforts to combat the spread of COVID-19, MACL has also started a program to disinfect roads and open areas of
Velana International Airport.

Various travel restrictions put into place by countries due to the COVID-19 pandemic has put the airline industry in havoc throughout the globe. This has resulted in temporary suspensions of flights by a number of airlines.

Maldives has previously taken border control measures by temporarily suspending all tourist arrivals from UK, Malaysia, China, Italy, Bangladesh, Iran, parts of South Korea, Spain, and certain regions of Germany and France.